Class Enrollment Levels

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In some cases there may be a class where not all students are taking it for the same level of credit. For example, a French III class may have five students taking it for regular credit, while three students are taking it for honors credit. Another example is a Math class where some students are taking it for IB SL credit while others are taking it for IB HL credit. While such a class could be split into two from a Veracross standpoint, this doubles the amount of data-entry for the teacher and therefore is not desirable.

The “Enrollment Level” field on the Enrollment record allows different students to take the same class with different levels of credit. At non-IB schools, the current levels are N/A, Honors, and AP. Additional choices can be added as needed. IB schools have two additional levels: IB SL and IB HL.


Specifying an Enrollment Level for a student achieves the following:

  1. The Enrollment Level is displayed on the Class Roster screen for reference purposes.
  2. The Enrollment Level can be taken into account when posting Transcripts so the appropriate Course description is displayed.
  3. (Optional) The Enrollment Level can be taken into account when calculating the GPA (i.e. the appropriate bumps would be granted based on the “Honors” or “AP” Enrollment Level). Currently, enabling this option requires a custom GPA.
  4. (Optional) Assignment Type weights can be specified for each Enrollment Level, enabling different weights for different Enrollment Levels for the same Assignment Type. On the Weighting screen, if you change the Enrollment Level from “ALL” to a specific Enrollment Level, new Weighting records will get created for each Enrollment Level that is represented by the students enrolled in the class.