Channel Update Form in Composer

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The Channel Update Form allows recipients to manage any channels that they have been allowed to see on the form. The form is person-specific and allows users to block, follow, and review communication channels that apply to them. This article will cover form settings, availability, and use.

Form Settings

Channels are the way Veracross organizes communication that is sent from the school. As a result, Channels have settings that allow the school to control which Channels display on the Channel Update Form and if they can be updated by the recipient. The Channel Update Form is the way the recipients indicate/choose the type of communication they want to receive. Each channel has two settings tabs: “Form Visibility” and “Form Visibility by Role”. Channels can be independently shown or hidden and set to a read-only state. The channel can also be configured to allow or deny the user to block/follow it.

Form Visibility: Display Status

Form Visibility determines the channel to whom it should apply, thereby impacting who sees which channel on their own Subscription Settings Form.

  • Display On Form – (show/hide) indicates whether this channel can show up on the Subscription Settings Form.
  • Email – (Read Only/Updatable) allows a displayed channel to be read only on the Subscription Settings Form.

Form Visibility by Role
Form Visibility by Role determines the roles to which a channel applies. Any roles may be added to the channel. Select the desired role on the left side to activate it, and remove any undesired roles from the right side in the same manner.

Making the Form Available

A link to the Subscription Setting Form is available at the bottom of every email sent through Composer. When a user clicks the link, a new browser tab opens and allows that user to edit his or her own channel settings.

 Common Question Answered

Question: Is it possible for a member of a family to update communication settings for another member?

Answer: It is not possible for one recipient to update channel settings for another recipient, each recipient is in control of his or her own channel settings should they want to subscribe or block a specific channel.


Adding Instructions to the Form

Add helptext or instructions to the form by editing the text template named “Subscription_Manager_Header”. If the school’s Veracross configuration does not have a text template named “Subscription_Manager_Header”, a SysAdmin user at the school may add that text template, or the school’s Veracross Account Manager may add it.

Using the Form

The form is person-specific so a user controls his or her own subscription settings.

The form is organized by Channel Category and then by the various channels within that Category. For example, there may be a channel category for current parents, and within that category there might be channels for upper school communication, the weekly newsletter, major school events, and more. The current parent would see a Current Parent section, and then any channels that had shared on the form for management.

Each channel that has been made available on the form could then be checked or unchecked in order to block or subscribe to that specific channel.