Cancelling AR Invoices


Prerequisites: if no payments have been applied to a posted invoice, the invoice can be canceled.  If payments have previously been applied to an invoice, it is not eligible for the cancellation operation.

  1. On the Accounts Receivable homepage, locate the invoice by running a report or query with criteria that will cause the invoice to be included in the results.
  2. Click on the Invoice Number to open the detail display of the invoice, and click on the “Adjust” tab.
  3. Toggle “Cancel” to Yes and specify an Adjustment Date.
  4. Click Update.  The system will create one negating item for each original item on the invoice.
  5. Post the newly created AR Item(s) using the “Post AR Invoices” action on the Accounts Receivable homepage under the Processing Section.

Please watch the video below demonstrating How to Cancel an AR Invoice Header by clicking directly on the screen.  You can make the video larger by clicking on the Full-screen button.