How do I see report cards from previous years?

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Example scenario:"A junior is wondering if she can get copies of her report cards from her entire sophomore year for her own personal record. How can I do this?" 

To find historical report card information, perform the following steps:

The "Find Documents" menu when searching for upper school report cards. In the above example, you should select "Grade 10" in the Grade Level role to find what you are looking for for that particular student.

  1. Begin on the Documents homepage and click on the relevent link for the school level/academic document.
  2. Click on the 'Find Documents' button on the top left (not the arrow directly next to it) to open the Find Documents menu.
  3. Search for report cards by school year and any other crieteria you want to apply to the search.
    •  The historical information of the student's grade in previous years is reflected when you search earlier school years.

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