Can we make transcripts available on portals?

Generally, we do not advise making official transcripts widely available on portals for a couple reasons:

  • it’s a digital copy of the document and therefore can be easily manipulated
  • it’s a "live" document, so if you generate transcript items before you publish report cards, it’s possible to mistakenly pre-release grades since as soon as the transcript items exist they’ll show on the transcript document

However, if your school would like to make transcripts available on the student portal and/or the parent portal, it is possible. If you decide to do this, please submit a ticket on the client support portal so that your Account Manager can begin working with you on this project. Please also note that this is typically an extra-cost project (your account manager will provide a quote). Please be advised that only VC Custom documents can be made available on Portals at this time — school configurable documents cannot.

A workaround for this is batch-downloading transcripts and then uploading them as published student files once you've determined that they are ready to share.