Can I use the class migrator tool to migrate more than one class into my new class?

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Sometimes, typically between school years when you're restructuring classes, you may want to migrate more than one class into a single new class. Because the class migrator tool is additive, you can use it to migrate multiple classes into one class. A common example where you may see this is:

  • If you want to copy the pages from one class and the assignments from another,  you can run a migration for each class into the new ones — this adds all of the assignments, lesson plans, and pages from both classes to the new class. From here, you can delete any that you do not need.

To begin using the class migrator tool, click on the "My Library" link from the facutly potal.

Follow these steps to run a migration: 

  1. Navigate to My Library from the Faculty portal.
  2. Click on the Setup Classes tab.
  3. Click on the Start a New Migration button.
  4. Select a source (the class you want to copy materials from).
  5. Select a destination (the class you want to copy materials to).
  6. Adjust any of the assignment dates if applicable.
  7. Click on Start Migration to complete the process.

To perform this with multiple classes, run the procedure again and define a different source than the first time, but the same destination.

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