Can I share admission files with my teachers?

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Files uploaded via the admission portal likely have a default file security that restricts viewing to those with admissions security roles, so teachers would not be able to view the documents even if you sent a link to them. If you have files uploaded in the admission portal that you want teachers to have access to, here is a suggested workflow:

First, update the file classification of the new files coming in via the admission portal.

  1. Add a new file classification on the System homepage with the security you want, e.g., that includes faculty security roles.
  2. Head to the admission checklist item associated with the file upload and update the file classification to your new security you just configured.
  3. If you have existing files you’d like converted to the new classification, submit a ticket in our support portal; you cannot update file security on existing files.

Second, consider how you would share the files with your teachers. One easy way is to publish a query in the teacher portal. To do this:

  1. Create a “Find Files” query that displays the files you want. Tip: subtotal and sort by student if displaying multiple files for students.
  2. Save the query to a workspace and note the query ID.
  3. Head to the “Published Queries” tab of the teacher portal and add a new record for the new query you just created, supplying the query ID.
  4. Add a button/icon/notification link in the teacher portal to the query you just published. Optional: if you want to filter the display of the button to a particular group of teachers, use a notification link because that’s the only component that supports filtering.

Finally, if you have a backlog of files that you want to change the security settings on, e.g., to update to the new file classification you just added, submit a ticket to our support portal. You are not able to change the file classification of existing files.