Can I resend a recommendation form email to a teacher?

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Sometimes, a parent of a prospect sends a Veracross teacher recommendation form to a teacher and the teacher doesn't respond, or a parent enters a recommender's email address incorrectly. In these situations, it may be helpful to resend the recommendation form to the teacher to prompt a response.

The Pending tab on a recommendation form record. This tab shows all requests that are currently "Pending"; meaning that they have not received a response yet.

You can can "cancel" the submission request in Axiom, which allows the parents to resend the email. This process is only possible in Axiom, so therefore cannot be performed entirely by parents and requires assistance from you or someone else at the school. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the recommendation form record through the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage > Admission Portal link > Recommendation Forms tab. Once there, click on the relevant recommendation form.
  2. Click on the Pending tab to see all instances of recommendation requests that have not yet elicited a response.
  3. Find the submission request in question and adjust the Request Status column from "Pending" to "Cancelled" and then click Update.
    • This automatically unchecks the checklist item, allowing the parents to go back into their portal and resend the requests.

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