Can I enroll a student mid-year using the Online Enrollment portal when I have already started online enrollment for the upcoming school year?

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Yes, with a few configuration adjustments in most cases you can make your Online Enrollment Portal ‘year agnostic’ to allow you to leverage Online Enrollment functionality during the current year and for the upcoming school year at the same time.

Here are the configurations that should be adjusted:

  1. Add two homepage ‘Policy Update’ components to the New Enrollment configuration record. 
    The two components should be identical, with the exception of the ‘Policy Form’ specified on the component; one policy update component should be pointing to the policy form for the current school year, and the other policy update component should be pointing to the policy form for the upcoming school year. The system only displays one policy update section to the enrolling student based on the form that matches their ‘Year Applying For’ value on their enrollment detail record.

  2.  Update any homepage and contract components to remove hard-coded references to school years.
    Remove hard-coded school years in the homepage sections (for example, have the title ‘Welcome to Online Enrollment for Veracross University!’ instead of ‘Welcome to 2020-2021 Online Enrollment for Veracross University!’).

    In lieu of hard-coding a school year into your contract section components, instead substitute merge fields, such as. The system will automatically merge in the correct school year based on the ‘Year Applying For’ value on the enrollment detail record.

  3. Adjust Override Amounts as Needed
    Oftentimes mid-year enrollees have prorated tuition amounts that should appear on the contract, and those amounts should be prorated based on current year tuition amounts rather than the tuition amounts already configured for the upcoming school year.

    From the ‘Override Amounts’ tab on the student’s enrollment detail record, specify in the ‘applied amount’ column the correct prorated amount for each amount type. The ‘Applied Amount’ specified is what is pulled into the enrollment contract amounts table.

  4. Consider Contract Text Adjustments
    Though oftentimes the enrollment agreement text within the contract can be made year-agnostic though the use of merge fields, there may be cases where you want to include an additional statement for mid-year enrollees. Use the ‘Contract Text Insert’ field on the student enrollment detail record to add that student-specific text, and ensure that the merge field for that field – – is placed within the enrollment agreement template in the place where you’d like that statement to appear. If nothing is populated in the ‘Contract Text Insert’ field for a student, the merge field will not appear on their contract.

If there are additional pieces of your Online Enrollment process that need to vary between the current and upcoming school years, such as payment plans or optional extras, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss if additional configuration changes can be made to accommodate those differences.

For more details about the Online Enrollment module, please see our Online Re-Enrollment Overview.