Can I add my own custom group if there is a group that I need to have in the database that is not in the Find Groups query?

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Yes! Schools can create their own, custom school-defined groups that live in the "School Defined" group category section of the Find Groups query. Each of these groups also has their own distribution lists created, so you can bulk email all members of this school-defined group.

A blank group record. This record appears when you create new groups from the System or Calendars homepage. 

To create your own group, perform the following steps:

  1. Begin from either the Calendars homepage or the System homepage.
  2. Hover over the "+ Add" button in the upper-right corner of the homepage and select "Add a Group" from the list below.
  3. Fill the fields to indicate what this group is for — the Description field and the School Year field are required.
  4. Populate the group with the various people you'd like in the group using the green "Add Record..." button.
  5. Click Add Group to create the group.

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