Calendar Day Rotation

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The following instructions should be followed when initially setting up a non M-F calendar day rotation. Instructions should be repeated for each distinct rotation at your school. For example, if MS and US use different non M-F calendar day rotations, then two calendar day rotations should be initialized.

Setting up Calendar Day Rotations

  1. Make sure that your grading periods are configured with the appropriate start/end dates via the “grading periods” report off of the system homepage. If there are school level specific grading periods, each with their own start/end dates, please work with your Veracross Account Manager to ensure this is setup appropriately.
  2. Work with your Veracross Account Manager to ensure that your rotations, rotation days, and period/block schedule are all configured correctly.
  3. Enter “Holiday,” “No School Day,” “First Day of School” and “Last Day of School” events. First Day of School is a Group Event type that should have the date set as the First Date students will be on Campus; Last Day of School is a Group Event type that should have the date set as the Last Date students will be on Campus, for the upcoming school year. Any rotation besides the M-F rotation requires these events; and additionally, there should only be ONE of each of those event types in the future entered in Veracross. (Initializing the rotation will fail if the First Day of School for “next year” and also for “the year after that” are both in the system, for instance.) All holidays and no school days should also be entered for the entire academic year before initializing rotations. This is accomplished by adding group events with ‘event type’ of “no school” or “holiday”. Group events can target specific school levels if certain levels have different “holidays” or “no school” days, simply by choosing the appropriate “school level” when adding the group event. Learn more about group event configuration.
  4. Click on the ‘Rotations’ link from the System homepage.  Then click on the appropriate rotation to open the detail screen. From the Admin menu, select “Initialize Rotation for Current Year” or “Initialize Rotation from Today Forward for Current Year.” This will create rotation days on each calendar day for the appropriate school year based on the Grading Period dates.

You will notice that your rotation skips over Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and no school days and continues on the next consecutive school day. For example, if Thursday is day 3 (of a 6-day rotation), and Friday is a holiday, then Monday will be day 4 by default. If you really want Monday to be another day (day 1 for example), then you would click on the calendar day rotation for Monday and one the detail screen under the “day” column, you would switch the day from ‘day 3’ to ‘day 1’ (see screenshot in A5 above for how to change the day). Then initialize the rotation as explained in step 6 above. This will initialize the calendar day rotation from that day FORWARD.  So, in our example, Tuesday would become day 2, Wednesday day 3, and so on.

Note: it is important that you work through your calendar from beginning to end when re-initializing the calendar day rotation.

Deleting or Changing a Rotation Day

Deleting a Future Rotation Day

Occasionally, you may need to add a holiday or no school day after you’ve set up your calendar day rotation. Perhaps you forgot to enter them originally or perhaps they were unplanned. In these cases, simply click on the calendar day in question and under the ‘Rotations’ tab click the “X” to the right of the rotation you would like to delete. Then you can add the holiday or no school day by adding a group event for that day.

You’ll likely want to go to the next day (after the rotation day you’ve just deleted) and make sure that it reflects the appropriate day in the rotation. If not, you’ll need to reinitialize the calendar day rotation (from that point until the end of the academic year).

Changing a Rotation Day

In some cases, you may want to change a rotation on a particular day to be out of the normal schedule.  To do this, navigate to the Calendar Day and on the Rotations tab, click on the magnifying glass next to the rotation you wish to change. Change the “Day” dropdown for the rotation you wish to change and click ‘Update Calendar Day.’  You will most likely need to re-initialize the calendar day rotation from that point.

Changing Today’s Rotation Day

In rare cases, you may find it necessary to change today’s rotation day.  To do this, go to the “calendar day rotation” link and click on today’s calendar day detail screen. Under the “day” column, you would switch the day from ‘day X’ to ‘day Y’, and then follow the steps for re-initializing the rotation below.

You must then set the “Active Day of Week” appropriately on the Rotation detail screen.


Re-Initializing a Rotation

From the Calendar Day Rotation detail screen, use the Admin menu to run the “Initialize Rotation from this Date Forward” function.

Initializing Rotations for Next Year

The following steps outline the process for when a school would like to initialize next year’s rotations before the close of the current school year. The primary reason for doing this is to be able to view the rotation day calendar for administrative purposes.

Note that the M-F rotation will get initialized automatically during the “Start School Year” procedure.  However, if desired it can be manually initialized using the process below.

To initialize a rotation, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure all holidays, no-school days, and school vacations have been entered as group events for the coming school year.
  2. Add two new group events with event types of “First Day of School” and “Last Day of School”. These dates will be used as the begin and end dates for the rotation.  If the rotation actually starts on a day subsequent to the first day of school, we can rename these event types to “First Day of Classes” and “Last Day of Classes.”
  3. Navigate to the appropriate Rotation screen via the “Rotations” link on the System home page. If you are initializing the M-F rotation, navigate to the System homepage and select “(Re-) Initialize M-F Rotation” from the Action Menu.
  4. From the Action menu, click “Initialize Rotation for Next Year”.

Note that the “Conflict” field on the Student Schedule screen does not require that rotations be initialized (even to view conflicts for next year).

Rotation Day Calendar Permissions

The Rotation Calendar, available via the System Homepage can be accessed by users with any of the following:

  • Division_Head_1
  • Division_Head_2
  • Division_Head_3
  • Registrar
  • Staff_1