The Business section of our documentation covers everything in our business and accounting module.


Guide for Business Offices during COVID-19
Circumstances may arise where your parents may ask for changes to their invoice and payment schedule. It is important to have a plan for what your Business Office will offer and how to process each case. Veracross Student Billing has a number of workflows that can help you manage these changes and updates.
Managing the Fiscal Year (Business Office Tasks and Timeline)
Overview There are many administrative and accounting tasks that need to be performed in Veracross at different times of the year and can be roughly broken down by season. This article serves as an overview of managing the school year.  Man...
Billing Portal Configuration
Overview The Billing Portal is an option for VC Pay Tuition Management schools to collect online invoice payments from individuals who are not parents.  The ability for non-parents to make partial or full electronic payments manually on tuitio...