Browsing Academic Documents

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Schedules, Report Cards, Transcripts, and other school-specific documents can be browsed and printed individually and in batch. The document browsing functionality is accessed from the Documents homepage in Axiom. Once within the browser, there are several options to find and browse or print a subset of documents.

Note: Document browsing will work in all internet browsers. If using Internet Explorer or old versions of other browsers, Adobe Flash must be installed.


By default, when opening the browser, all documents will be listed alphabetically by the last name of the students. From here, it is possible to either browse or print all documents, or filter the list of documents to a smaller group. Along the left side of the browse window, student names are listed based on your search (all students by default). To preview a document, click on the name of the student on the left side of the browsing window. This will open a preview of the document, and from here the document can be printed to PDF.

Quick Search

Use the quick search tool at the bottom of the left sidebar to find a student document or group of documents by name. After the search has filtered the results, the document(s) can be previewed or downloaded.


To filter the list of documents to browse/print, click Find Documents at the top of the browse page. This will open a pop-up within the window to select filters to narrow the batch of documents in the browse page. Options to filter by School Level, Grade Level, and Role are available. Multiple filters can be selected within each category. Options to group by school level, grade level, campus, adviser, and homeroom are available. Only one grouping option can be selected.

Once the filters and grouping have been selected, the browse page will show what filters have been applied and will display the groupings of documents in the left sidebar, and the individuals of each group listed on the right. To browse the documents after a grouping has been selected, click on the student name and the document will open in a preview window.


Next to the Find Documents button at the top of the browse page, there is a menu option to quickly filter the documents by Advisor, Homeroom and Grade Level, as well as an option to reset any filters applied.


To download a selected batch of documents, click the “Download” button at the top of the browse window. The option to download as PDF or ZIP files is available when printing in batch. Do not close the browser window while the documents are being prepared and downloaded.

Next to the “Download” button at the top of the browse page, there is a menu option to quickly download all documents (no filters applied), download the group or download the search.