Branded Login Pages

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Schools have the option to customize the login pages for Axiom and Portals. The customization that is set for login pages will be uniform for both Axiom and all Portal login pages. This customization is optional and may be performed only by users with the security role Sys_Admin1.

Default and Branded Login Page Examples

The Default Login Page

An Example of a Branded Login Page

Custom Branding

To customize the login pages, navigate to the System homepage and select Branding Configuration, located in the User Account section.

Schools have the option to edit the following options:

  • Text Color: Change the color of displayed text (default is black)
  • Banner/Seal: Choose either a banner or seal image (URL links).
    • The seal should be circular and 250×250 px, and image URLs must be secure (https).
    • The banner should be 510x125px.
    • Populate just one or the other field; they are mutually exclusive.
  • Background Image& Color: Specify one or both. It is recommended to at least specify a color. File size should be less than 500k (to accommodate data plans when viewing on mobile) and at least 1500 px wide (to accommodate large desktop monitors).
  • Header text: Appears below the school name.
  • Footer text: Appears below the Log In button.