Blackboard Connect Integration


This article outlines how Veracross is able to integrate with the Blackboard Connect emergency alert system. If you don’t already have this integration, and are interested in purchasing it, contact your account manager.


Veracross exports data Student, Parent, Staff and Faculty data each morning to the Blackboard Connect SFTP server. The export is automated to run at 4:00 AM EST. The export contains four .csv file for each different type of record: Student, Parent, Staff and Faculty. These four files can also be downloaded manually by the school by clicking the links on the System homepage (under the Blackboard Connect section) in Axiom.


There is minimal setup to configure the integration between Veracross and Blackboard Connect. Veracross needs the SFTP username and password and Blackboard Connect will need to know what “Institution Name” will be used in the exported files. Once the setup configuration has been completed, the data should begin to sync nightly.


The details for each file/record type are listed here, each with their own documentation article. If there are questions about where the data comes from for each file, please consult the articles below:

Blackboard Connect Student Export

Blackboard Connect Parent Export

Blackboard Connect Staff/Faculty Export