Billing Portal Configuration

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The Billing Portal is an option for VC Pay Tuition Management schools to collect online invoice payments from individuals who are not parents.  The ability for non-parents to make partial or full electronic payments manually on tuition or non-tuition invoices is located on a separate billing portal that can be accessed by individuals such as former parents, grandparents, administrative assistants and organization representatives. Previously, only parents or future parents had the ability to make online payments, but with this new portal it will allow your school to collect money from other constituents.  The Billing Portal has the Invoice page just like the Parent/Future Parent portal with the sole exception that non-parents will not have the option for automatic draft payments (AutoPay). 

The  Billing Portal does not replace the Future Parent Portal. 

The Billing Portal is not available for faculty invoicing nor is faculty invoicing supported in Veracross. 

Billing Portal Set-Up

This Billing Portal is located with the rest of the Portals on the Portal Admin Homepage in Axiom.  Please submit a ticket in order to have this installed for you. 

This can be built and designed as the other Portal Types;  if you are interested in setting up portals in general, please see this documentation on portal configuration. 

Portal Access Set-up

In order for the non-parent to have access to the Billing Portal, do the following: 

  1. Navigate to the person record in either Axiom or the Accounting side of Veracross.
  2. Click on the Action Menu item and run the “Create Billing Portal Account” procedure.
    •  To run this procedure, you must have one of these security roles: SysAdmin, Business_1 or User_Account_Admin.
    • This menu option is available on "standard" person detail screens (you'll see 'detail/person/1234' in the URL). 

Running this procedure performs the following actions:

  • Creates a Veracross User Account for that Person
  •  Adds the Billing Portal security role to that Person
  • Creates portal membership for the person in the Billing Portal

Please note: It is safe to run this menu item on a person with an existing account or one that already has the Billing Portal security role.  Optionally, these three steps can be done manually in Axiom. 

There are two additional steps before the user is able to login and is standard for all Portal types: 

  1. Enable the user’s portal membership - the new portal membership created might be set to disabled if the Portal default is to disable new members. This step may not be necessary if the Portal enables new memberships by default. 
  2. Send the VC Welcome email - this is a menu item on the Person or Person Account detail screens. 
    1. The VC Welcome email template that will be sent can be found under the Email Templates query on the System Homepage. It is called VC_WELCOME_BILLING. 

Invoice Access Set-Up

Now that the non-parent can access the Billing Portal, the next step is to ensure that the individual is able to view the Invoice. 

In order for a Non-Parent to view an invoice, they must have a relationship with that student and have the Receives Invoices flag checked.  For those individuals that are given access to the student's invoice, it will give them access to all available invoices. 

The "Receive Invoice" column must be checked for the non-parent to be able to view the invoices in the non-parent billing portal.

For Household-based billing please note that in order to gain access to the invoices the Non-Parent must have a relationship/receives invoices flag for each student on the invoice.


We have VCPay Tuition Management — will this cost extra?

No! The Billing Portal is included and free with VCPay Tuition Management.

If we only have VCPay Core, is this still included?

It is not included with VCPay Core, but can be purchased for extra cost. If you are interested in purchasing this billing portal while having VCPay Core, please reach out to your account manager.

We don't have VCPay at all — can we purchase this at extra cost?

Currently, no. VCPay is a requirement for configuring this billing portal.

How can I give Billing Portal Admin access to a staff member who does not have Sys Admin rights?

By adding an entry for their account in the the "Admins" tab of the Portal detail screen.