Benefits of Using the Admission Portal

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The Admission Portal connects applicants with the school at the point of inquiry. Upon completion of the pre-application, applicants (parents and/or students) are given the option to “Continue to the Admission Portal.” Clicking on this link redirects them to the Admission Portal login page where they can then create their password and start the application immediately. Additionally, a confirmation email is sent to the email address specified on the pre-application (most likely the parent of applicant). A link to the Admission Portal is available from this email and it will direct them to the login page.

Enhanced Communication

The Admission Portal facilitates communication between the school and the applicant. Schools can view the progress of each applicant as they go through the admissions process and leave messages communicating important dates, reminders, upcoming events, checklist item specific information, etc. Students and applicants can thus stay connected throughout the entire admissions process.

Duplicate Record Management

During the admissions process for most schools multiple records are often created for both the inquiry and application phase. These records are then merged later after the applicant applies to the school. Through the Admission Portal, however, applicants enter their information once through the pre-application web form, greatly reducing the duplicate records created during the admissions process. The records created from the pre-application will then be updated as the applicant completes his/her checklist items on the Admission Portal.

Independent Management

Applicants can easily manage their application online, track their progress, and view their admissions decision letter. Each checklist contains a status flag indicating whether it is required, in progress, completed, etc. Applicants can easily view the progress they are making through their application by scanning down the list of their checklist items. The status bar beneath their name also displays a high-level view of their progress through the application. At any time the process can be saved and continued at the applicant’s convenience. Schools can view each applicant’s progress and communicate directly through messages as needed.

Decision Process

Schools can publish their decisions directly to the Admission Portal. Applicants will then be able to log on to the portal and see the school’s admissions decision letter in place of their checklist items. Applicants will also be able to accept or decline the decision directly from the portal.

Note: this step is optional, schools can opt to use the Admission Portal to publish admissions decisions as desired.