Behavior and Student Comments FAQ

Is there a way to have Behavior Incident Types & Comment Incident Types only apply to certain school levels?

Both behavior and comment incident types cannot be school-level-specific; they apply to all school levels. That being said, there is a creative solution for this issue — include the school level abbreviation in the name of the behavior or incident type.

The name of the incident type "Academic Concern (LS)" is technically open to all school levels, but indicates that this incident type is for lower school specifically.


If you want a behavior incident type for "Insubordination" and have it be school level specific, you could create three separate incident types to imply school levels, such as:

  • Insubordination (Lower School)
  • Insubordination (Middle School)
  • Insubordination (Upper School)

If you want an incident type called "Cheating" to only be used by middle and upper school levels, you could imply the school levels in the following ways:

  • Cheating (Middle School)
  • Cheating (Upper School)


  • Cheating (Middle/Upper School)

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How can I ensure notifications are sent with specific behavior reports?

The Behavior Incident Types list shows whether certain behavior notifications affect certain groups of individuals within the system — from students, parents, faculty, etc. But for specific individuals who may not fall under these categories or who need more specialized classifications when a behavior incident is created and need to be notified of it, the Behavior Notification Configuration page is a list of individuals set to receive specialized notifications when an incident record is created. 

If you have a grade dean that needs to receive notifications of specific behavior, that individual needs to be on the Behavior Notification List. You can add individuals to this list and specify which types of incidents they need to be notified of from the 'Add Notification Configuration' page found from the Add Menu on the System homepage.