Behavior and Student Comments

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Tracking behavior incidents and comments is of utmost importance in classroom environment — learn about Veracross's tools to help manage these situations.


Behavior and Student Comments Overview
For every school, tracking student behavior and performance is of utmost importance. Within Veracross schools are able to manage these scenarios by using Behavior Events and Comments.
Adding a Behavior Incident
Behavior incidents are used to identify a student’s behavior, track the incident and outcome of it and notify the necessary people.
Configuring Behavior and Student Comments
Behavior Events and Student Comments require the initial configuration of many elements in Axiom. To understand what configuration is needed, see the details below.
Email Template Configuration for Behavior and Student Comments
A school’s notification process for behavior events and comments can differ. In order to accommodate differences in work flow, there are multiple notification types to be configured.
Automated Incidents
Utilizing the existing configuration of student behaviors and outcomes, you can automatically create any behavior incident (with an optionally override outcome) based on the following rules or triggers