Batch Adding Files

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You can upload files in batch — using .zip files —  to person, household, and organization records in Axiom via three links in the “Batch Add” section of the System homepage. You must have a System Administrator security role (SysAdmin_1) to batch add files.

The Overall Process

  1. Create a .zip file (1 GB size limit) of the files you want to upload. Think ahead to the type of mapping you’ll use: manual, using a manifest file, or including the record IDs in the filenames.
  2. Navigate to the System homepage in Axiom and click one of the three Add Files to… links.
  3. Upload the .zip file in the new batch and map the files to records.

Mapping Types

Click here to download the .csv file for use with the “Manifest File Provided” option.

There are three mapping types available when batch uploading files:

  1. Manual: No prep is required for this option. You’ll manually select the records to match each file to as part of the uploading interface in Veracross.
  2. Manifest File Provided: You’ll include a .csv file as part of the .zip file, meaning that your .zip file will include a minimum of two files: the manifest file and at least one file to actually upload and map to a record. We recommend using the file linked above to build the manifest, rather than starting your own from scratch. Note that, should you choose this option, the filename cannot be changed or else the template will not work.
  3. Filenames as Record IDs: The filenames need to simply be the record IDs. For example, 431839.pdf for a PDF to attach to a person with the person ID 431839.

Example of a Manifest File

Here is an example of a manifest file.

Note the following:

  • Specify the full filenames, including file extensions
  • The record ID comes from Veracross: person ID, household ID, or organization ID

Add Files to Person, Household, and Organization Records

Click here to read more about the specific procedure for batch adding files, including step-by-step directions and a video of the whole process.