Batch Adding

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When a school needs to enter or create multiple records at the same time, this can be accomplished using the “Batch Add” queries on the System homepage in Axiom. The following queries are located in the Batch Add section of the General column:

  • Add People to Class/Team/Program
  • Add Profile Code to Multiple People
  • Add People to School-Defined Group
  • Add People to Course Request (Scheduler module only)
  • Add Classification to Multiple People
  • Add Award to Multiple People
  • Add Files to People
  • Add Files to Records

 To read more about the batch-adding procedure in Axiom, please read the documentation here.

Using the Batch Add Queries

Below is an example video for how to add people in batch to a school-defined group.

  1. Click on the Batch Add query link that applies to your situation.
  2. Add criteria to the query design to filter the person records displayed in the query results. This can be done using the default fields in the query or by adding additional fields/criteria to the query. After running the query, check off the people to batch update or don't check any boxes to apply the batch update to all records in the query.
  3. Click on the Action Menu and run the Batch Update Records procedure. Select the field to batch update and then select the corresponding record to apply to the records in the drop-down menu that appears to the right of the field drop-down.
  4. Click the Update Records button.

Note: After the "update" happens (which results in records being created), the user cannot see the records that were just created using the originating query. In order to see/review the records that were created, the user should run a separate query (based on profile code, classification, etc.) to look for the specific records that were just created.

Using the In-Line Grid Update Feature

Alternately, fields may be modified directly from the query results screen in a Batch Add query. Click on the field to update in the query results screen and select the appropriate value, and then click the Update Records button. Like the normal batch updating procedure, the user will not be able to see the records that were just created using the Batch Add query.

Notes About Specific Record Types

Class Enrollment

Class Enrollment records are created using the school-defined "Class ID", not the internal Veracross Class ID. The system uses the "Scheduler School Year" parameter to know which class in a specific school year the records should be created for. (See the "Course Requests" section below to consider whether entering a Course Request might be a better solution depending on the specific issue).

Profile Codes

If applying a newly-created Profile Code, the user may have to refresh Axiom in order for the profile code to display as an option in the batch insert drop-down menu. To do this, log out of Axiom and log back in again.

Please note that profile codes cannot be batch deleted.

Group Membership

If adding people to a newly created group, the user should refresh Axiom by logging out and back in.


If adding people to a newly created classification, the user should refresh Axiom by logging out and back in.

Classifications can not be added to people if both of the following are true:

  • the classification is a system classification.
  • the person already has a classification of this type on their record. Note that this is also true for inactive classifications and classifications from different years. 


If adding people to a newly created award, the user should refresh Axiom by logging out and back in.

Course Requests

When using this feature for Course Requests, the school-defined Course ID should be used, not the Veracross (internal) Course ID. The course request(s) will be created for the "Scheduler School Year," but will not be created with priority or grouped with any other requests.

Files to People

Click here to read more about this process.

Files to Records

Click here to read more about this process.


The following security roles have access to the Batch Add links on the System homepage:

  • Admissions_1
  • Business_1
  • Development_1
  • Employment
  • Medical_1
  • Staff_1
  • Division_Head_1
  • Division_Head_2
  • Division_Head_3
  • Athletic_Program
  • Other_Programs

Additionally, the Registrar security role has access to the "Add People to Course Request" query on the Scheduler Prep homepage.