Query Design and Results

Design the perfect query to find precisely what you need.


Advanced Conjunctions in Queries
Criteria applied to fields in a query are usually joined by the “And” conjunction by default, so each criterion that is applied will necessarily narrow the search results.
Advanced Display Options
Axiom features a number of style and display options accessible in the rightmost column of the query design.
Advanced Query Options
Axiom offers a number of advanced query options.
Batch Adding
When a school needs to enter or create multiple records at the same time, this can be accomplished using the “Batch Add” queries on the System homepage in Axiom.
Batch Adding Files
You can upload files in batch — using .zip files — to person, household, and organization records in Axiom via three links in the “Batch Add” section of the System homepage.
Batch Updating Data
Overview Use the "batch update" feature to update multiple records at once in a query result.  Batch update records with caution; there is no "undo" option. This article outlines the steps to batch update records. ...
Building Basic Queries
Overview A query is a structured question used to retrieve data, or records, from tables. A record can be a person, a household, a class, etc. Queries can be built in Axiom to retrieve many different kinds of data. This article covers basic quer...
Copying Cells and Columns in Axiom
After a query is run, you are able to copy and paste cells directly from the results page to any other program that uses text fields.
Display Options
Overview Axiom features a number of style and display options accessible in the rightmost column of the query design. Field Style Changing Column Background Color The background color of columns in the results grid can be changed. To do ...
Exporting Data to Excel or CSV File
Overview Query results visualized as a data grid can be exported from either the design or results screen as an Excel or CSV file. To do this, select “Export” from the Action menu  in the query design view or the data grid resu...
Function Fields
Function fields provide a way for Axiom users to display customizable aggregate data. Conceptually, they are similar to calculated fields, though with the added ability to change the input of the calculation directly in the field's parameters.
Grid Column Menu
Overview Click the right side of the column header to access the Grid Column Menu. The Grid Column Menu allows you to access query design features directly from the query results screen. Access the Grid Column Menu by clicking on the righ...
Managing Queries and Action Menu Options
A modified query can be saved to allow the school to regularly access the query without the need to readjust the fields, criteria, and other settings each time
Printing in Axiom
Overview Printing query results or records in Axiom is available from the Action menu option, under the “Print to PDF” section. There are three contexts in which printing may occur: Printing query result grid. Printing individual...
Printing Name-Tags from a Query
The following example illustrates the process of printing name tags while starting from a group record.
Properties and Visualization Options
Query properties are settings that allow the user to customize how results are shown.
Query Action Menu Items
Overview Once you have produced the desired results within the query, there are several actions you can take. Select them by clicking the Action Menu . Different options are available depending on the query visualization, but these are the basic o...
Query Design and Results Overview
Overview A query is a structured question used to retrieve information from data in Veracross. It can be modified and filtered as necessary to produce a specific set of results. This article provides an overview query design and results in Axiom, h...
Query Results Page Toolbar
Overview The Query Results Page Toolbar — located directly above the results grid on the query results page — has two features: an Add Record...  button and a search box. Add Record... Button If the "Add Record...&quo...
Saving, Renaming, and Deleting Queries
Saving a Query Once a query has been modified, it is possible to save the query for future use. Saving a query allows the user to choose a name for the saved query, choose the Workspace the query should be saved into, and also decide whether that n...
Using System Parameters in Queries
This article lists the available parameters that can be used when creating a query.
Field Properties and Style Adjustment from the Query Results Page
You can adjust the field properties and style of a column directly from the query results page by performing the following steps: Click on the Grid Column menu for the column you'd like to adjust. Select the Field Properties... option. ...