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The Axiom Launchpad
Overview The Axiom Launchpad is a navigation toolbar that provides quick access to areas of the system. Return to the Launchpad at any time to jump between homepages, access saved queries, search for things in the system, and more. There are severa...
Axiom Launchpad Search
Overview The Launchpad Search is a feature that allows the user to access other areas of the system from anywhere in Axiom. There are three kinds of searches: Metadata: search for information-holding areas of the system such as homepages, Work...
Branded Login Pages
Schools have the option to customize the login pages for Axiom and Portals. The customization that is set for login pages will be uniform for both Axiom and all Portal login pages.
Configuring Banners in Axiom and Portals
Overview Custom banners can be added to Axiom by a Veracross engineer. Note that the banner/background of new portals can be customized directly in Axiom by the school. This article only pertains to Axiom banners. The image you submit to your A...
Overview  Homepages are made up of a set of query templates and reports that make it easy to access needed data. Homepages also contain links to add information to the system. These links are accessible on each homepage by hovering over the &...
Communications Homepage
The Communications homepage provides a landing page to start new emails, view sent ones, and configure and manage channels and themes.
Keyboard Shortcuts in Axiom
Axiom offers a growing number of keyboard shortcuts. The table below highlights the command for each of those shortcut keys and explains how each one functions.
Navigating Axiom
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Use Child Name Prefix Parameter
Overview In most situations, children do not have Name Prefixes associated with them, however, you have the option of turning these on using the Use Child Name Prefixes parameter. Navigate to this parameter using the System Parameters query on...
Troubleshooting Axiom Speed
Axiom may occasionally run more slowly than it seems like it should. Keep in mind that as a secure, enterprise-level service, Axiom may load more slowly when compared with other websites, simply because most interactions with the system involve securely passing data to and from a server. This articles outlines how to diagnose and report speed issues within Axiom.
Managing Extended Closings in Veracross
Occasionally, circumstances may arise in which your school decides to close its campus for an extended period of time. Veracross has a number of tools that can help you manage this process.