Axiom Launchpad Search

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The Launchpad Search is a feature that allows the user to access other areas of the system from anywhere in Axiom.

There are three kinds of searches:

  1. Metadata: search for information-holding areas of the system such as homepages, Workspaces, and more.
  2. Staff, Faculty, Students: search by name for a specific constituent within the system.
  3. Launchpad Quickview: use the launchpad search to access and run a saved query.

As users search for a specific term, suggested terms will appear from either search type.

For example: Searching for a person with the last name “P” will display suggested search terms of all Student, Staff & Faculty people with the last name P in the database as well as any term that contains the those beginning letters, such as the “Payment Plans” report or “Policies” URL.

Each type of search that may be conducted is labeled in order for the user to know what they are accessing: detail screen, query results, a URL, a chart, etc. Additionally, next to the name or title a description will appear to help guide the user with their selection. For example, if the user searches for a person with the last name P, next to the name the grade level or the role of the person will show so that the user can choose the correct person.

Launchpad Quickview

Launchpad Quickview is a feature in Axiom that makes it easier to navigate to records, and see a specific field for a record.

It is enabled by running a search and pressing the tab key (or clicking the link cue) for any Queries in the Axiom search (see screenshot). This function can also open workspaces and search queries within them. Note that queries may be searched for by Name (remember the name of the query), or they may be searched for by ID (remember the unique ID of the query).

For example, Household records aren’t part of normal Launchpad search data (just Metadata, Staff, Faculty and Students are) but with this feature, the “Find Households” query can be used as the basis of a search in the launchpad.

All existing queries – even those saved in Workspaces by users – will work for Launchpad Quickview. For example, Launchpad Quickview allows users to run the existing “Find Households” query in-line and quickly navigate to a household record, almost as fast as if it were part of data search. Here are a few great starting points for using Launchpad quickview:

  • Find Households
  • Find Organizations
  • Find Donors
  • Find Candidates
  • Where Is Student Now?

Any saved Query can be used in Launchpad Quickview. A query can also be accessed by simply typing in the query number into the Launchpad.

In addition to using this to search for and open individual records, Launchpad Quickview is useful when you just want to see a field from a record without running a full query or going to a detail screen. For example, it is possible to run the “Where Is Student Now?” query with Launchpad Quickview, and see the “Current Location” field without going anywhere in Axiom other than the Launchpad search:

Configuring and adding to Launchpad Quickview

There are some new options on the Query Properties screen to change which fields are used by Launchpad Quickview. This means users can set up their own personal/shared queries to provide a quick view of information.

Here, a “personal” query has been created to find student phone numbers as an example (see screenshot):

Users are encouraged to add more and different kinds of queries to be used in Quickview. For example, a query based on “Find People” might be created to provide phone number information in the Launchpad Quickview; a query based on “Find Gifts” might be created to provide Most Recent Gift Date information in the Launchpad Quickview. The options are only limited to what can be queried in Veracross.

Type Filtering

When searching results in the Launchpad Quickview, a user may click on the name of the result type they would like to view to narrow the results, e.g. workspaces or queries. The filter options will only include types that are present in the current results.