Axiom FAQ

How do I change the background image or school logo on the Veracross login page?

You can set up customized, branded login pages for when users need to log into Veracross. This can easily be configured within Axiom.

An example of a branded login page. Both the background image and the school logo can be customized by each school.

To adjust the branding for the login pages:

  1. From the System homepage, click the Branding Configuration link, then click the Login Page link.
  2.  Then, select "Login Page." 
  3. From here, you can modify the Banner/Logo and background image using the fields on this record.

Why doesn't the classification list show all classifications as options when uploading a file?

When you are uploading a file to a person record, you can set the file classification (security) for that file, but you might notice that all of the classifications available in your system are not available on the classification list to choose from. It will display classifications in which:

  • The Classification "Table Name" is be blank


  • The Classification "Table Name" is "Person"  

Here's a screenshot of the Classifications Query, with pointers to the records that fit these criteria:

This logic ensures you won't attach a file to a Classification that was set up for a different record type.

More information about this can be found here

Who can view 'Destination' data in the Data Packages module?

There can be some sensitive data in the 'Destination' tab of the Data Packages detail record. Users must have one of the following security roles: SysAdmin_1, SysAdmin_2, Data_Package_Admin

Specifically when using the 'Export Destination' option of 'SFTP' which will have 'Username' and 'Password' values:

How do I delete workspace folders?

fSometimes, you may need to delete a workspace folder that was made in error or perhaps belonged to someone no longer associated with your school. To delete a workspace folder in Axiom, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the folder is empty. 
    • To do this, navigate to the workspace folder you want to delete and proceed to either delete the saved queries and records that are located there or move them to a new workspace.
    • Both options can be selected once you press the "Edit" button on either the query section or record section.
  2.  Once the workspace folder is empty, navigate back to the workspace that this folder is contained in, select "edit" on the folder, and delete the folder.

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How do I create new file classifications for gifts?

Following these steps, create the new classification for gifts assigning the table corresponding to the type of record you are attaching the file to (e.g. donation or pledge).

Since files may be related to donations or pledges, we recommend creating separate file classification types, one linked to the Donations table and the other linked to the Pledges table with a description to match each table to ensure there is no confusion when uploading the file to the record.

Classification 1: 

  • Description: Donation
  • Table: Donations

Classification 2: 

  • Description: Pledge
  • Table: Pledges

How do I create a new personal workspace for a new user at my school?

Workspaces are a valuable tool used to save queries, records, or bookmarks to queries in another workspace for easy retrieval. Workspaces can be shared spaces between members of a department, personal spaces per user, or system pages accessible by everyone.

To add a personal workspace for a new person at your school, follow these steps:

  1. From their Person record in Axiom, click on the Action menu (lightning bolt).
  2. Run the Create Personal Workspace procedure.  

This creates the user's personal workspace.  If they do not immediately see their new workspace, they most likely need to log out and then log back into Axiom.

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Do I need to create a new school-defined group every year?

No! You can easily look at an existing school-definied group and update a group to the current school year. From the group record, run the "Update Group School Year to Current School Year" procedure on the Action menu.

Is there a way to add additional options to the list of search choices on the Axiom Launchpad search?

By leveraging the Launchpad Quickview option for queries, you can effectively search for anything without having to open a query design. To do this, perform the following steps:

By clicking tab when searching for a query using the Launchpad search feature, it uses that query to search.

  1. Search for the query by name.
  2. Once you've found your selection, click the "Tab" button on your keyboard to select the query quick view.
    •  The search bar changes the display to show that you've selected a specific query. You can now run the query by entering a value for a single criteria field. 

For queries that have been previously saved to a workspace, it's possible to change the Criteria Field available on the Launchpad Quickview from the default to another value included in the query design. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1.  On the query design page, click the Query tab in the included field section at the top center of the screen.
  2. Scroll down to find the Launchpad Quickview Options section, and choose a value from the Criteria Field dropdown menu. 

Example Scenario: The front desk administrator prefers to look up students by ID number. Save a version of the Find Person Query where Role=Student and Person ID has been included in the results. From the Launchpad Quickview Options on the Query tab (1), select Person ID (2) and then Overwrite the query design (3). The administrator can now look up a specific student by ID number without having to find a query.

NOTE: Do not attempt to overwrite the query templates found on homepages. Always save a version to a workspace before proceeding.