Enrolling in AutoPay

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This article details how payers can enroll in, unenroll in, and modify AutoPay.

Enrolling in AutoPay

Payers enroll in AutoPay in one of two ways:

  1. During Online Enrollment
  2. Via their Parent Portal

Click Select Account for each invoice to associate a payment method with the invoice. Click Set up Accounts to add additional accounts. Click Save and Continue when done.

In order for enrollment to be possible, several conditions need to be met:

  • Billing person must be configured on the invoice
  • Students for that parent must be registered for VCPay
  • VCPay terms and conditions must be accepted.

Please note, the text box verbiage can be updated from the AutoPay Homepage -> AutoPay Preference Forms. 

Unenrolling in AutoPay

Payers cannot unenroll themselves in AutoPay, the Payers must contact the school.  The ability unenroll from AutoPay exists in two locations, the saved Payment Account and the Invoice

Payment Account:

This option can be utilized prior to the creation of the invoice.

Invoice Record:

If the Invoice has been created, then the ability to unenroll is directly on that Invoice Record.

Modifying AutoPay Enrollment

Payers can modify which payment account is associated with AutoPay via their parent portal.

The school can exclude a single instance of AutoPay from one AutoPay Batch via the status on the AutoPay Batch detail screen.

Verifying a parent has enrolled in AutoPay

To view or confirm if a family is successfully enrolled in AutoPay navigate to the Household Record on the Accounting side and look on the “AutoPay Preferences” Tab.  If there is a record found, then the family is successfully enrolled in AutoPay.

Another way to look up if the parent is enrolled in AutoPay,  is navigating to the AutoPay Preferences query on the Payment's Processing Homepage.