AutoPay Automatic Approval

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AutoPay — a feature of VC Pay — processes payments in scheduled AutoPay batches.  The AutoPay Automatic Approval option allows the batches to be automatically approved, eliminating the need to do this manually for every batch.  AutoPay Automatic Approval is configured in the Invoice Defaults query on the AutoPay Homepage, Automatic Approval Tab.    This article outlines the key screens and process for enrolling in AutoPay Automatic Approvals and also the associated email templates. 

Please note, that only SysAdmins or AutoPay Admins will have the security access to Enroll and Unenroll AutoPay Batches.

Automatic Approval


Visit the AutoPay homepage in Accounting and access the Invoice Defaults query. The AutoPay Automatic Approval tab and related action menu items are accessible to Axiom users with the Sys_Admin and AutoPay_Admin security role.

Automatic Approval Tab

From the Automatic Approval Tab, you will have access to information and configuration for the Automatic Approvals.  The Approval Strategy field will show you whether you are currently set up for Automatic Approvals or Manual. Additionally, you will see who and when initiated this setup.  Additional information on this tab includes the School Email Notifications.  

Approval StrategyDisplays whether your school is currently on Automatic Approval or Manual Approval
Enrolled OnPopulates to the date when your school was last enrolled in Automatic Approval
Enrolled ByPopulates to the person who last enrolled your school in Automatic Approval
Batch Success TemplateThis email template is used to inform the school that automatic batch approval succeeded
Batch Failure TemplateThis template is used to inform the school that automatic batch approval failed

Emails sent for Automatic Approval work the same as the rest of the AutoPay Email Templates. Navigate into the Email templates by clicking the pop out button and populate in the 'To' field who should receive this email.  

Menu Action Procedures

Action Menu ItemWorkflow Use
Enroll in Automatic ApprovalThis will enroll your school in Automatic AutoPay Batch Approval.
Unenroll from Automatic ApprovalThis will unenroll your school in Automatic AutoPay Batch Approval.  You will have to manual approve all AutoPay Batches you would like to run


  1. To initiate (or uninitiate) the Automatic Approval of AutoPay Batches, navigate to the Automatic Approval Tab in Invoice Defaults query. 
  2.  Click on the Action Menu, and choose the correct Action Item for your end goal
  3. When you Enroll or Unenroll your school from Automatic Approvals, the Approval Strategy fields will update accordingly. 

Automatic Approval Workflow

If you are currently set up for Automatic Approvals please be aware of the following:

  • Automatic Approval will occur at  5:05am EST / 6:05am EDT
  • At that time, your school designated person will receive an email whether the AutoPay Batch has been approved, obsoleted, or failed to approve
  • If a critical AutoPay Integrity Check is not 'ignored' a manual approval is required as this will cause the approval to fail 
    • This will still be required to be done by 9am Local Time
  • Whichever school personnel enrolls in Automatic Approval will be designated as the approver on all AutoPay Batches

Reminder: Once an AutoPay Batch is approved there will be no more changes to the Payment Amount or Payment Method