AutoPay Batch Header Record
This article covers what is contained in the AutoPay Batch Header record
Enrolling in AutoPay
This article details how payers can enroll in, unenroll in, and modify AutoPay
AutoPay Schedule Builder
The AutoPay schedule builder is a tool for creating the AutoPay batches
AutoPay Schedule Best Practices
Follow these best practices when creating and processing AutoPay batches
AutoPay Communications
This article contains information about Autopay emails and notifications
AutoPay Processing Workflow
Read this article for guidance on processing your AutoPay batches
AutoPay Payment Accounts
This article reviews how AutoPay payment accounts work
AutoPay Tune-Up Quick Start Guide
Get ready for a fresh AutoPay season
Non-Resident AutoPay Functionality
This article outlines how to configure AutoPay so a non-resident person can utilize this feature
Weekend and Holiday AutoPay Processing Rules
Scheduled holidays when AutoPay will not be processed
How can I get a list of households that are not on AutoPay?
This can be done on an invoice level from the AutoPay Homepage using the Invoices Enrolled in AutoPay query. From here, the criteria you should focus on is the "AutoPay Status" field.
What happens if a payer enrolls in AutoPay late?
Enrolling in AutoPay before an AutoPay batch has been approved If a payer enrolls in AutoPay before  it has been approved, and you are not seeing them in the batch, refresh the AutoPay batch before you approve it. Enrolling in AutoPay afte...
AutoPay Integrity Checks
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview The Integrity Checks report on the AutoPay batch record is used to help identify possible data problems that could result in the AutoPay batch from running with incorre...
Can parents enroll one student in AutoPay and not another?
AutoPay is invoiced based, so this depends on what level your school is invoicing, Household or Student.  As long as the students each have their own invoice, then parents should be able to enroll one invoice and not the other in AutoPay. &nb...
How can I see the families/invoices that are not enrolled in Autopay?
To view what invoices are not enrolled in AutoPay, navigate to an AR Invoice Header query.  That can be from the AR Workflow Homepage or the "Invoices Enrolled in AutoPay" query on the AutoPay Homepage.  To see which Invoices a...
AutoPay Automatic Approval
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview AutoPay — a feature of VC Pay — processes payments in scheduled AutoPay batches.  The AutoPay Automatic Approval option allows the batches to be automa...