AutoPay Overview
AutoPay — a feature of VC Pay — processes payments in schedule AutoPay batches. This quick start guide covers aspects of configuring these batches and best practice workflow.
Enrolling in AutoPay
This article details how payers can enroll in, unenroll in, and modify AutoPay.
AutoPay Schedule Builder
Overview AutoPay — a feature of VC Pay — processes payments in scheduled AutoPay batches.  The AutoPay schedule builder is a tool for creating the AutoPay batches. AutoPay Schedules are configured on AR Payment Plans.  All pay...
AutoPay Schedule Best Practices
Payment plan installments vs.  AutoPay Schedule vs. AutoPay  Batches    It’s  important to remember that  the number of installments in a payment plan does  not  always  ...
Non-Resident AutoPay Functionality
This article outlines how to configure AutoPay so a non-resident person can utilize this feature.
AutoPay Communications
Overview The Tuition Management features of VC Pay include numerous opportunites and abilities to communicate with your staff and the parents regarding their AutoPay Batch.  AutoPay System Email Templates The AutoPay system email templates&...
AutoPay Payment Accounts
Overview Payment Accounts are necessary to have a successful AutoPay Batch.  Payment Accounts are associated with  AutoPay when enrolling for AutoPay, and Parents can change the associated payment account in the Parent Portal.  Paym...
VC Pay Tuition Management: Weekend and Holiday AutoPay Processing Rules
Weekend and Holiday AutoPay Processing Overview Veracross does not process AutoPay on weekends or holidays.  See a complete list of Veracross observed holidays below. Veracross Observed Holidays  New Year’s Day: January 1 Marti...
AutoPay Tune-Up Quick Start Guide
Overview If you have been through at least one season of utilizing the AutoPay portion of VC Pay with Veracross, this article will help you "tune up" your processes as you get ready for a fresh invoicing season.  We recommend read...