Auto-Recurring Donations


Some pledge installments are guaranteed to be paid on-time in a recurring nature, the most common example being payroll deductions. In order to reduce data entry, these pledges can be marked as auto-recurring so the system will create donations automatically on the installment date for the installment amount.  When donations are automatically created, an email will be generated and sent to the person of your choice to notify him or her of the donation that has been automatically created on that day.


To enable the functionality for auto recurring donations, be sure the scheduled job for auto recurring donations is enabled. Also, on the system parameter “Auto Recurring Donations Email,” specify which email address you want the notification email to go to. At the time of entering the pledge record, be sure to indicate the Pledge Increment, Payment Frequency and Start Date, then indicate that it is auto recurring by checking that box. On the date of the first installment, the system will create a donation automatically and send out the notification email. You may subsequently open the donation record and make adjustments as needed.