Attendance & Location Tracking

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Equip yourself with the knowledge of how attendance works within Veracross, as well as various ways to collect it, here.


Attendance Overview
Veracross understands attendance in two categories: master attendance and class attendance. Schools opt to track either master or class, or a combination of the two attendance management options.
Configuring Attendance Reminder Emails for Teachers
Attendance reminder emails can be enabled to send automated emails to all teachers who have not taken attendance in one or more of their classes on a given day.
Imperfect Class Attendance
The Imperfect Class Attendance status results when one of two things happen:
Knowing When Attendance Has Been Taken
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Class Attendance Status The Class Attendance Status field in Veracross is used to indicate whether a teacher has taken class attendance for each of their classes that met that ...
Managing Future Attendance
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Attendance records are created seven days into the future so there will always be attendance for the upcoming week already created in the system.  To record any future atte...
Managing Student Dismissals
There are two ways to dismiss students early: one at a time, or via a group event.
Student Location Log
The Student Location Log (a.k.a “Check-in Kiosk”) enables students to check in (or out) at any “location”, including non-class activities, such as sports practices, chapel programs, etc.
Troubleshooting Attendance Issues
This article describes what to check to make sure class attendance is correctly configured for the class.
Where Is Student/Faculty Now?
The “Where is Student Now?” and “Where is Faculty Now?” features search for a student or teacher’s location at the current moment.
Cohorts act as an organizational tool that represents what your student cohorts are, which students are in them, and any applicable information about how you plan to manage hybrid (in-person vs remote) schedules for each cohort.