What should I do to start troubleshooting when attendance is not working properly for my school today?

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When attendance isn't working as you expect on a given day, there are a few quick steps you can take to begin troubleshooting that may resolve your issue before you need to submit a ticket through the client support portal.

The "Generate Attendance for Today" procedure, located in the action menu on the System homepage.

  1. From the System homepage, run the "Generate Attendance for Today" procedure in the Action menu.  Then, check a class or student where attendance didn't work properly to see if this corrected the issue. If not...
  2. Navigate to the System or Calendars homepage and go to the Find Group Events query. From the query design, set the Event Type criteria to be "is one of" Holiday and No School Day. Then, set the Start Date criteria to be today's date.
    • both the Holiday and the No School Day event types will not generate Attendance for the day the corresponding Group Event is assigned to.
    • If the event type is No School Day or Holiday and attendance should be generated, you must select a different group event type and save the record. Finally, navigate back to the System homepage and run the "Generate Attendace for Today" procedure.

If Steps 1 & 2 do not solve the issue then please submit a ticket through the client portal. To expedite the troubleshooting process, provide the steps you tried with and weren't successful.  Also include examples of an attendance record, attendance query or class attendance tab that is not showing attendance as expected.

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