Attaching Links to Person Records

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In addition to storing files on person records, Veracross is also able to store links on Candidate, Student, Staff, and Faculty person detail screens. This feature is useful to link to information stored outside of Veracross, e.g., to a school’s own Google Drive or other filesystem. Links can be added to person records one-by-one or in batch. Read more about updating links in batch using the Veracross Data Importer.

Links Tab

On the person detail screen of a candidate, students, staff, or faculty is a “Links” tab. Each link has the following fields:

  • School Year. Indicate which school to which the link applies.
  • Classification. The File Classification is the type of link. Controls security (see below).
  • URL. The actual URL (recommended to copy and paste)
  • Description. Title of the linked document.
  • Notes. Any notes for internal use.

To add a link, click Add Record , fill out the fields, and click Update .


Security for each link is handled via File Classifications, which in turn are associated with different security roles. To view existing ones, navigate to the System homepage and click File Security. Click the name of a security role to view the detail screen, and then the “Security” tab to see which security roles are associated with it.

Available and Active Security Contexts

On the “Security” tab, Click any role with an “R:” prefix in the left “Available” column to add it to the “Active” one, or click an “Active” to remove it. Click Update  when done.

Note that virtual security roles (prefixed with “S:”) do not work for Links.

File Classifications are useful for thinking about groups of people who will need access to similar links. For example, a classification “Portfolio,” might be added and associated with Div Head security roles. In so doing, each file with that classification would only be available to staff users with Div Head security.

Adding a New File Classification

On the System homepage, hover over the “Add” button”  and select File Security. Enter a description and “Person” for the table name. Click Add File Classification, at which point the “Security” tab is available to add active security contexts (see above).

Publishing LInks to Parent Portal

Links may also be published to the parent portal marking the Parent Portal Display status as true. Read more about this process here.