Prepare by reading theseAthletic articles to ensure that your athletic year is a slam dunk!


Athletic Award Tracking
Tracking Athletic Awards is possible on the team and person detail screens. But before awards can be tagged to a person, they must be configured.
Athletic Injury Tracking
Overview The Athletic Program module enables the tracking of athletic injuries, providing valuable data for trainers and coaches and enabling athletic staff and coaches to keep track of both the initial injury as well as one-time or ongoing treatm...
Automation Options for Managing Athletic Events
The Veracross Athletic Module includes automation throughout to make managing athletic data easier. Use this article to become familiar with the automation available to those managing Athletics in Veracross.
Configuring Athletic Events
Athletic events can be found and added via the Athletic homepage using the links Find Athletic Events and Add an Athletic Event. The article below highlights the various features and functions of Athletic Events.
Configuring Sports, Teams, Rosters, and Event Information
When setting up the Athletic module, a number of things should be configured to get the most out of each area of the system.