Athletic Injury Tracking

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The Athletic Program module enables the tracking of athletic injuries, providing valuable data for trainers and coaches and enabling athletic staff and coaches to keep track of both the initial injury as well as one-time or ongoing treatments. The “Return to Play” date can be pulled into a report so that a coach can determine when an athlete is ready to play again.

Athletic injury tracking is intentionally kept separate from the Health Module to support the functions of an athletics office. If desired, you may provide this information to the Health staff.

To view athletic injury information, you must have one of the following security roles:

  • Sys_Admin1
  • Sys_Admin2
  • Athletic_Injury

Find Existing Injuries

Navigate to the Athletic Program homepage and click Find Injuries. Enter desired criteria in the query design and click Run Query to see a list of current injuries.

Tip: To search for only open cases, select “is blank” for the Date Closed field in the query design.

In the query results, click the Injury ID to pull up the detail screen for the actual injury. On the detail screen, add notes or update treatments as needed.

Add an Injury

On the Athletic Program homepage, click + Add an Injury (also available on the Add  menu). On the detail screen, enter all relevant information. Note the following:

  • The Person, Injury Date, and Injury Type are all required fields.
  • The “Return to Play” date is helpful for running reports to see when injured students will be ready to play again.
  • When the effects of the injury have passed and the athlete can return to play, enter a date in the “Date Closed” field. This “closes” the injury, meaning that it should not impact the student’s participation in athletics any further.
  • The flags in the right column (Transported, etc.) are helpful for recording information about the incident, but are not tied to other areas of the system (e.g., flagging “Parents Contacted” does not generate an email to parents). Rather, the flags reflect the action taken by school personnel.

Add a Treatment

Treatments can be added directly on the Injury detail screen, or via the “Add a Treatment” link on the Athletics homepage. Multiple treatments (e.g., ice, follow up, heat)  can be added for any given injury, permitting tracking of the healing/recovery process. The more treatments that are recorded, the more information the athletic department will have on trainers’ work and athletes’ recovery.

Via the Injury Detail Screen

On the in Injury detail screen, click Add Record  to add a new treatment. Select or enter all relevant information about the treatment and click Update  when done.

Via “Add a Treatment”

On the Athletic Program homepage, click + Add a Treatment (also available on the Add  menu). On the detail screen, enter all relevant information, including the person and the specific injury. Click the magnifying glass icon to validate entry. Click Add Injury Treatment when done.