Athletic Award Tracking


Tracking Athletic Awards is possible on the team and person detail screens. But before awards can be tagged to a person, they must be configured.

Adding New Athletic Awards

Adding a new Athletic Award begins on the System homepage. To add a new Athletic Award, hover over the “Add” button  and select the “Awards” option. From here, set the name for the award in the Desciption field and set the Award Type to “Athletic Award”. Click Add Award to complete the creation of the award. After this step is completed, click on the Action menu from the System homepage and run the “Refresh Person Classification” procedure. Alternately, this procedure runs during the nightly scripts.

Giving Athletic Awards

Awards are added on the Team detail screen. To add an award to a student, navigate to the Team detail screen and click the Awards tab. The input grid can be used to tag the award, person, date of the award, and any notes pertaining to the award given.

In addition, Athletic Awards can be added (and viewed) directly from the Student detail screen via the Person Classification tab.