Assigning a Project Manager

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Each project has a field designated for assigning an overall Project Manager who is deemed responsible for the execution and successful completion of the task/event.  By default, the person assigned to that role is granted  permission to view all reports for the project.  The screenshot below presents that field at the top of the middle column of the display.

In certain situations, it may be important for other personnel to have access to the project reports as well.  In those instances,  those individuals must be specifically added to the list of participants for the project and flagged accordingly.

The steps to assigning Project Managers and granting access to reports in presented below.


To assign the primary Project Managers to a Project-task, perform the following:

  1. Within a Project-task, on the General tab, enter a primary manager’s name in the Project Manager field.

To assign additional people with access to a project’s report(s), perform the following:

  1. Click the Add Record button appearing just above the input grid shown in the screenshot below.
  2. Populate the new record with the appropriate person; assign a Role; and enable the Report Access flag.


Presuming the primary Project Manager or the additional staff members granted “Report Access” are not members of your school’s Business Office,  they will gain access to their reports via the “My Project-Task Listing” from their school-side interface.