AR Invoice Items

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Charge items are utilized as the building-blocks for account receivable invoices (read more about charge item processing). They are typically created to record charges initially applied to students. These items can be split into installments if necessary, and when ultimately ready to be invoiced, they are marked as “ready for invoicing.”  Veracross has a batch processing feature that automatically assigns these charges to their appropriate invoices. The majority of charges hopefully will be handled in this fashion, providing efficient and accurate invoicing.

From time to time, line items may need to be added directly to AR invoices. In these situations, the charge item process can be bypassed altogether, and an AR item created manually. To do so, open an invoice detail screen or create a new invoice.

The grid at the bottom of the screen displays the AR items.  To add a new item, click Add Record  and enter data in the “Item Date” field in the blank row at the bottom of the grid. After entering the date, the system will modify the color of the line to indicate that the new item is not yet stored in the database. Continue entering data for the remaining relevant fields of the item. When all fields have been entered, click the Update button, and the system will store the new item. The system will also add another blank row to the bottom of the grid to allow for the entry of additional items.

Editing and Deleting Existing AR Items

To modify information stored for an AR invoice item, edit the data elements presented in the grid at the bottom of an AR invoice display. Note that there are more data fields associated with an AR invoice item than those displayed in the grid. They can also be deleted.

To view and modify these additional fields, click the View Record button  at the end of the desired row.

To delete an item, click the red X at the end of the desired row, confirm the choice when prompted, and then Update  to complete the process.

NOTE: The system only allows non-posted items to be deleted.  If an item is posted, most of the data fields will be disabled (noted by gray background) and the “Posted?” flag will be set.  If you attempt to delete a posted item, the system will reject the attempt.