Applying Deposits to AR Invoices in Batch

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These instructions will aid a user in tentatively applying outstanding Cash Deposits (pre-payments) to unpaid AR invoices.    The user will enter criteria that limit the AR invoices impacted by the process.   The system will only apply deposits that are linked directly to existing unpaid AR invoices OR have attributes that match the criteria specified (e.g. School Year , Invoice Type, etc).    At the conclusion of the process, the user will run a report allowing them to review/validate the tentative applications.  If any alterations are needed, the user can make appropriate manual alterations.  Once validation is complete, the user will proceed to post the application of Deposits (thereby reducing the unpaid balance of the invoices and making a corresponding journal entry).

  1. On the AR Workflow homepage, click on the Apply Deposits link in the Accounts Receivable/Workflow Section.
  2. Option Code “10 – Apply Deposits” will automatically populate
  3. Specify an Application Date.   This is the date as of which the AR Invoice balance will be reduced, and the date of the resulting journal entry.
  4. Specify a School Year.
  5. Specify an Invoice Type.
  6. Click “Add Deposits / Receipts”.
  7. To view the tentative receipts created by the system, run the Unposted AR Receipt report and review the results.

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