API Configuration Overview

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An Application Program Interface (API) is an interface that allows third parties to receive data via request calls. The Veracross API has been built to connect third party vendors, in partnership with schools, to data stored within a school’s database. API requests can be made for various different data points, such as Calendar Event information, User Authentication with Active Directory compatibility, Faculty and Family Directory information, and much more.

Using the Veracross API, schools can receive data from Veracross for use with their Third Party Services (such as Finalsite). API integration is a dynamic, flexible, and customizable link between the Veracross database and other applications.

Note: Security configurations should always be reviewed with the vendors to ensure that only the required data is displaying when using Veracross APIs.

API Supported Formats

Veracross API feeds are available in XML and JSON format. Calendar and Event feeds are available in iCal format as well.


Schools interested in API integration should contact their Account Manager for further details. Account Managers will also be able to answer any technical questions and provide documentation specifying the API technical integration.

For security reasons, each third party vendor will have its own unique API Account for accessing the Veracross API.

Veracross Data Accessible by API

Accessible Data
AuthenticationAPI connection with User Authentication allows schools to authorize user credentials with a user’s Veracross account information (including Active Directory support). This allows for creating a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication
ContactsAPI connection with contact information allows for household, student, parent, relationships (parents and students only), faculty/staff, and alumni data to be used in other applications. Information updated in Veracross will dynamically update in the linked application.
ClassesAPI connection with class information allows active classes, class schedules, class enrollment, and assignments to be used in other applications. Schools might establish an API feed assignment data to be used in a third-party learning management system.
EventsAPI connection with event information allows event-heavy departments such as athletics or admissions to extra Veracross created events into another application. This is most often used to establish connections with other calendars through iCal feeds.
OtherVeracross supports API connections with additional data such as attendance, birthdays, resource reservation, rotation schedules, and grading periods. Talk to your Account Manager for further details.