Admission Portal 3 Registration Season Type Record

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The registration season type (RST) — of which "Admissions Portal" is the only available one at present — has a number of configuration options available. You can configure them either Configuration tab on the admissions portal or on the various Configuration tabs of the RST record. This article will divide them according to the tabs on the RST record. 

Admission Portal configuration options are available on the portal record as well as the Registration Season Type record.

Portal Configuration

System configuration options for the Admission portal.

Portal configuration options control system and calendar properties. None are directly editable.

  • Membership Security Roles: Determines which users are automatically added to the portal. This value functions in conjunction with the membership strategy — set on the General tab of the admissions portal record — to automatically add users with the indicated security roles to the portal when their accounts are created.
  • Registration Season Type: Currently only "admissions" is available. This displays as an integer value.
  • Portal Display Access: 
  • Date Format: The format used when rendering date values in the portal.
  • Time Format: The format used when rendering time values in the portal.

Parent & Address Configuration

Parent & Address configuration options for the Admission portal.

The numerous configuration options break down into two types:

  • display: set true to display and false to hide the section
  • label: the label that displays in the portal

For example:

The primary household label controls the text displayed on the household tab in the portal. The primary household display is set to "true," meaning the primary household card shows up. Set it to "false" to hide the card.

Candidate Changes Configuration

Candidate Changes configuration options for the Admission portal and their effects.

There are two configuration options, the labels for adding new applicants and applications.  

Decisions Configuration

Decisions configuration options for the Admission portal.

Most of these configuration options are labels. Update the text as needed. There are two non-label configurations:

  •  Allow Online Enrollment: Set it to "true" to enable the user to continue to online enrollment.
  • Allow Considering Offer: Set it to "true" to enable the user to select the "Considering Offer" option when responding to the decision letter in the portal.
    • NOTE: Enabling the "Considering Offer" option will make it the only option available to users.

Forms: Inquiry, Parent & Address, Candidate Changes, System, and School

Numerous forms associated with the registration season type (RST) can be configured. Read more about forms.