Implementing Admission Portal 3.0

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Admission Portal 3.0 is a new framework that gives you as much control as possible over the parent/candidate admission experience prior to enrollment. Specifically, you will have more control over:

  • tailored initial engagements via customizable inquiry forms
  • curated first impressions of the school via a full content portal (similar to what the academic side has had for nearly two years with the Portals 3.0 platform)
  • clearer applicant workflow presentation via checklist categories
  • the ability to control which applicant data enter the database

What is not changing?

There are several key areas that are not changing:

  • child-specific reporting records: admission history, inquiries, applications, and checklists (though the method of creating checklists will change)
    • e.g., application record will still be created when all the "Required for Application" checklist items are completed
  • online application review (aside from reviewing webform submissions)
  • visit sign-ups (will depend to some degree on new checklist items)
  • application fee setup
  • publishing decision letters

What is new with Admission Portal 3.0? Enter the Registration Season Type (RST).

The big new record type is the registration season type (RST). It is a "parent" record for:

  • a specialized content portal with its own unique set of configuration options
  • webforms and related webform submissions (via brand new forms framework)
  • school-year-specific registration seasons that encapsulate season-specific checklist items
  • person admission records link to the RST

The Registration Season Type (RST) Record

The Registration Season Type (RST) record. The central hub for configuring AP3.

The RST is a simple container record for a comprehensive registration scenario. The main fields that are directly a part of the RST are in the header of the General tab in the Configuration and Portal sections. Everything else simply connects to the RST, so it is a very simple type of record. 

Accessing the Registration Season Type record from the Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage.

The Registration Season Record

The registration season is a container for year-specific checklist items. It also enables the display of campus, resident status, and student group for a given season. 

Implementing the Registration Season

Add new registration seasons via the Copy Registration Season Action menu item on the registration season detail screen. Checklist items are copied in the procedure. 

Copying a Registration Season and its checklist items forward.