Admission Portal 3 Checklist Items and Widgets


Checklist items are managed year-to-year in Admission Portal 3.0 as season-specific checklists. The checklist hierarchy is:

  • Checklist library > registration season > checklist categories > checklist items

A checklist item must first exist (or be created on the fly) when a new checklist item is created for a particular season. Season-specific checklist items are in turn organized into categories. 

Find season-specific checklists on the registration season record. The General tab displays them subtotaled by checklist category. Edit the categories and add/ remove checklists by clicking the titles (e.g., "Personal Info") or navigating to the Checklist Categories tab and drilling into the categories there.

The Checklist Library

The Checklist Library contains all checklist items that could be used year to year. Configure flags (e.g., Required for Application) and filters (e.g., Applies From/To Grades) directly on the checklist library item. You utilize the checklist library when creating new season-specific checklist items. The filters and flags you apply to the library item are copied to the season-specific checklist when you create it. 

  • Access the Checklist Library on the Admission: Candidate Changes homepage. 
  • Add a new checklist item to the library via the Add New Checklist Item link. (NB: You can also add a new checklist library item when adding a new year-specific checklist item.)
  • If a checklist item in the library will not be used going forward, mark it as Obsolete so it does not show up as an option when adding a new year-specific checklist item.

A checklist item must first exist in the Checklist Library in order for it to be added to a year-specific checklist.

Season-Specific Checklists

Here is a registration season checklist category. Individual checklist items are listed in the detail query grid.

Each registration season — or school year — has its own set of checklist items organized into categories.

Navigate to the registration season checklist category: Admissions: Candidate Changes homepage > Registration Season (Admissions) > School Year > Checklist Categories tab > Category

  • Add new checklist items via the Add Record... button.
  • Delete checklist items via the red X.
  • The category Description and Long Description fields display in the portal.

Note where the Description and Long Description are displayed.

Associate with the Checklist Library

Each season-specific checklist item must be associated with an item from the Checklist Library. Find it on the checklist item's detail screen or when you add the season-specific checklist item. When you create the season-specific checklist item, configuration from the checklist library item is copied to the season-specific one you are creating, though it does not overwrite configuration you have applied.

Other Options

  • Set up flags and filters via the Configuration and Filter Criteria tabs.
  • Set the Portal Title, Icon, and Portal Description fields (see screenshot below) on the Portal Config tab.

Widget Types

Widget types define how a parent/candidate interact with the checklist item, such as via a web form, file upload, or application fee. 

Admin Widgets

  • Do Not Display: use for internal workflows that will not be discoverable by candidates.

Widgets that Include Web Forms

System forms write information to the database, are built by Veracross, and can be configured but not composed.  School forms do not write information to the database; you can create and compose them to suit your needs. 

System Forms

There are several system forms available. All but the demographic widget are 1:1 with respect to widget type to one system form type, i.e., you can configure them on the web form elements. 

  • Demographic (Parent & Address Forms): Specifics of fields on the forms are controlled on the registration season type (RST) record.
  • Languages (Candidate Languages)
  • Interests (Candidate Interests)
  • Accomplishments (Candidate Accomplishments)
  • Citizenships (Candidate Citizenships)
  • Current School (Candidate Current School)
  • Prior School (Candidate Prior School)

School Form

There is one school form widget. Specify which school form to reference using the form's access name.

  • Web Form (for School Forms): Use this for school forms, i.e., forms that you build yourself with whatever questions you want.

Widgets that Include Other Configured Registration-Related Records

These are all similar to the 2.0 versions. 

  • Application Fee
  • Recommendation
  • Admission Visit Drop Down
  • Admission Visit Date
  • Admission Visit Slots

Stand-Alone Widgets

  • Candidate Photo Upload: upload a photo of the candidate
  • File Upload(s): upload a file
  • Informational: display information, but not connected to any additional functionality.