Admissions Portal Record

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The specialized content portal record is simply a Portals 3.0 content portal with special admissions-related features. Find the link to the portal via:

  • Portal Admin homepage (where all other portals live)
  • RST detail screen (see  screenshot below)

Navigating to the Admission Portal detail screen from the Registration Season Type record.

Setting up the admission portal is comprised of two major parts:

  • Building out component and content screens, configuring navigation, setting the background/colors, etc.

The Admission Portal Detail Screen

Configuration options on the admission portal detail.

Just like parent, student, and teacher portals have their own configuration options, so does the Admissions Portal have its own; there are just a lot more! Update configuration on the Configuration tab here or on the several "Configuration" tabs of the RST record:

Configuration tabs on the RST record.

Building Admissions Portal Content Screens

Build content screens on your admissions portal the same way you build content screens in parent, student, and teacher portals. Consult our regular documentation for guidance on building component and content screens, setting colors/background, configuring navigation, etc.