How to Add an AP Invoice for a One-Time Vendor


Sometimes you will have an invoice for a vendor that you do not plan on using again. Instead of adding a separate master file record for this vendor, set up a One-Time Vendor record, or use an existing one. Normally, there is only one such vendor per installation. Such a vendor is found by executing a vendor query that includes only one-time vendors. However, you may choose to set up a One-Time Vendor record for each cost center, or for each AP administrator.  

A vendor must be set up as a one-time vendor before an invoice is entered as a one-time vendor invoice.  

The advantage of using a one-time vendor is that you have fewer separate vendors, while allowing individual invoices for this vendor to each have their own name and address.   

When you are ready to print and post AP checks, remember that when payments are made to the invoices of a one-time vendor, each invoice generates its own check.  


  1. On the Accounts Payable home page, click Add an AP Invoice.
  2. Fill in the necessary information on the Header level. 
  3. Enter the One-Time Vendor Information (vendor name and address) under the One Time Vendor section.
  4. Click Add AP Invoice Header.