Annual Giving Summary Document

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Parents, alumni, and other donating constituents often want to know their exact giving amount on their annual giving for tax purposes. Veracross provides a document that schools may send to donors that details their exact annual giving amount from the previous calendar year. The Annual Giving Summary can be generated on the basis of household, organization, or person. This article outlines how to generate the document(s) based on those criteria.

Configuring the Annual Giving Summary Text Templates

There are three templates that may be configured to display annual giving data, accessible and editable by navigating to the System homepage and clicking “Text Templates.”

  • Annual Giving Summary Household
  • Annual Giving Summary Organization
  • Annual Giving Summary Person

Each of these text templates has a value and notes field that may be edited by the user. The value field defines what displays on the actual document itself and accommodates HTML. Include a graphic image such as a logo or banner to display at the top. Use the following merge fields as needed:

Household template:


Person template:


Organization template:


The school may configure this on their own or request assistance from their Veracross account manager.

Configuring Which Donations Appear

Sometimes, gifts are given to a school that are not applicable for tax reporting purposes. To filter those gifts out, there is an option include specific funds to appear on this document. Simply run the “Funds” query from the Development homepage and update the “Include on Annual Giving Summary Report” field as needed. By default, all funds will be included.

Gifts-in-kind do not appear on the Annual Giving Summary document.

Generating the Annual Giving Summary

Generate the Annual Giving Summary documents on demand from any Find Household, Find Person, or Find Organization query, provided that the household, person, or organization ID is present in the results. Narrow the query to those you would like to notify of their past giving or select just the constituents for whom you would like to generate the document. Click the Action menu and select Batch Print Documents. For the Select Record ID Field, select either Household ID, Person ID, or the Organization ID as applicable. Select the Annual Giving Summary option.

You can also view one-off documents by pulling in the “Annual Giving Summary Document” field to any person, household, or organization query.

The Annual Giving Summary document is only viewable by Development_1 and Development_2 security roles.

Contact your Veracross account manager to discuss configuration questions.