Alumni Equivalent Profile Code

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“Alumni Equivalent” is a System Profile Code that can be assigned to any persons who are then treated as alumni throughout the system; specifically by being:

  • given alumni-related development classifications
  • allowed to have alumni user accounts
  • included in alumni distribution groups

They are not counted as alumni when running the “Generate Alumni Households” procedure from the Action menu on the System homepage. Read more about creating new households for persons.

Use Case

This Profile Code essentially treats a person as if they have the Role of Alumni. Note that it can be included in Roles if desired, for quicker assigning. It could be assigned to a person who had a long-term relationship with the school, but for myriad reasons may not have the Role of Alumni. For example, a school may want to consider a former student who attended the school for many years, but departed prior to graduating, as an Alumni. Rather than altering the former student’s Role to Alumni, assigning the the Alumni Equivalent Profile Code can keep the data cleaner.