Alumni Directory

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Alumni directories can be used by schools that have purchased the alumni portal to help alumni and former students keep in touch with each other and the school. This is achieved in Veracross by the Alumni directory type in which general and category-based directories can be created. Like all directory types, it is managed via the Portal Admin homepage in Axiom and appears as a separate “Directory Type” in the lower right. The Alumni directory is built to include both Alumni and Alumni-equivalent individuals. Read more about directory configuration here.

Features of the Alumni Directory

The alumni directory shares the basic layout and interface of other directory types. It appears as an additional tab in the alumni portal interface (when switched on as part of an alumni portal). An “All Alumni” general directory is created for schools that have purchased an alumni portal. It contains alumni and former students by default, but this can be customized — e.g., to only show alumni, not former students — in Axiom.

Filtering Results

A significant feature of the alumni directory type is the ability to filter results by alumni-relevant categories. The graduation year, location, and college drop-downs are populated by actual directory entry values, and only display options that exist for members of the directory. If a section is configured to be hidden, the filter will not appear.

Example: Your database might contain 500 organizations with the type “College/University,” but only 125 have one or more alumni associated with them. Only those 125 will display in the “Filter by college” drop-down. Furthermore, if “Education” is hidden in the directory type configuration, the “Filter by college” section does not display at all.

  • First and Last Name: Similar to other directory types, enter a first and/or last name to narrow the results.
  • Graduation Year: Specify a “from” and “to” year range. The years are grouped in descending order by decade for clarity.
  • Location: Specify a location by country and state/province. Locations are alphabetically ordered and grouped by country. Specify the country order with the sort key found on the Countries query on the System homepage.
  • College: Specify a college. The list is drawn from organizations with the organization type “College/University” with at least one directory member.

The Directory Entry

An alumni directory entry with all options enabled.

Many fields on the alumni directory can be configured (see next section). The following fields are available:

  • Person:
    • home, mobile, and work phones
    • email
    • graduation year
  • Household:
    • household address
    • spouse
  • Education:
    • colleges and degrees (find on Education tab of person record)
    • sorted in descending chronological order
  • Employment:
    • lists organizations with “employer” relationship, including job title and years of employment (find on Organizations tab of person record)
    • sorted in descending chronological order
  • Social Media:
    • lists LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter handles/links (find on General tab of person record)

Configuring the Alumni Directory Type

  • Configuration: Choose to show or hide these fields as desired by updating the Value field.
  • Preferences: On the Preferences tab, choose to allow or disallow members to update their own fields.

Read more about the directory configuration and preference tabs in the “Portals: Directories” article.