Configuring Admissions Event Sign-Ups

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Admissions event sign up may be accomplished through the Admission Portal using a variety of event specific admission checklist items.

Event sign up configuration is entirely dependent on what type of event it is, i.e. does the event involve just one person, multiple people, and how should each attendee sign up? When an event date and time is selected by a candidate from the admission portal checklist item an individual event record is created in which the Admissions Office may review and process. Once the event has been confirmed, the candidate will see their confirmed time on the application checklist item in place of the event selection option. Candidates can reschedule their chosen time through the portal up until the Admissions Office confirms the event. After it has been confirmed, if they need to change the date they will need to contact the Admissions Office. Learn more about processing Individual Events.

The key when configuring event specific checklist items is to select the appropriate checklist “Type.” This determines how the event sign up appears on the portal (e.g. calendar sign up, dropdown of date/times available, etc.). There are three event specific admission portal types for a checklist item that may be used to configure admission event sign ups. Work with your Account Manager to determine the admission portal type that is appropriate for each event specific checklist items. The three admission checklist event types are:

  • Arbitrary Event Scheduling
  • Wide Group Event Drop-In
  • Group Event Drop-In

Arbitrary Event Scheduling

Arbitrary Event Scheduling allows the candidate to select the date and time in which they would like to schedule an event. This scheduling option is called “arbitrary” because the event time it is determined by the candidate, not the school. Candidates choose the date from a calendar option and select the time from a list of 15 minute increments. An example of when an Arbitrary Event Scheduling checklist item might be used is for scheduling an Admissions Interview.


Select the type “Arbitrary Event Scheduling” from the Admission Portal tab on the Application Checklist record. To specify the calendar date range from which a candidate may schedule an event enter the min date and max date. Only the calendar dates within this range will appear. In the same min date and max date field enter a starting time and ending time in which events may be scheduled.

This determines the time range per day in which candidates select a time slot for their event. Time slots are available every fifteen minutes within the specified range. An example of a min and max date setting might be:

  • Min Date: 11/10/14 08:00
  • Max Date: 2/14/15 16:30

Select an entity event type to determine what type of individual event record will be created when a candidate signs up for a date and time. If no entity event type is specified, the individual event will default to “Invited to Event.”

Wide Group Event Drop-In

Wide Group Event Drop-In allows the candidate to select a time slot from a pre-configured list of group event date and times. Event sign up options are displayed to candidates in a week time frame. For each day in which an event option is scheduled, all open time slots will be listed below the date. Candidates can click on the time slot to sign up for the event.

Black font indicates a slot is unavailable; orange indicates the selected slot.


Select the type “Wide Group Event Drop-In” from the Admission Portal tab on the Application Checklist record.

To specify the available days in which candidates may select an event, set the min date and max date. Event time does not need to be specified for the Wide Group Event Drop-In option. Time slots are determined by each of the associated group events.

Days in which events are available to sign up are determined by previously configured group events. All available date and time options must be entered as a separate group event, but each must have the same event type.

For example: a school might schedule events for candidates to sign up for a shadow visit. Each shadow visit date and time option must be entered as a separate group event, with multiple slots potentially being available on one day. Each group event should be configured with the event type “Admissions Shadow Visit.” The checklist item may then be configured to only display event date/time options with that event type. All group events scheduled by the school in which candidates could potentially sign up for will be displayed to the candidate.

Attendees Expected

For checklist items of the type “Wide Group Event Drop-In,” a limit to the number of candidates who may sign up for the event can be specified on the Group Event record for each event. If the event(s) should only allow a certain number of attendees, set the expected number in the “Attendees Expected” field on the Other tab. Registration for this event will close when the number of attendees reaches or exceeds the expected limit. If the expected number is set to 0 (zero), it is treated as infinite.

Group Event Drop-In

Group Event Drop-In allows candidates to select from a list of pre-configured group events for a date and time. Event sign up options are displayed to the candidate as a dropdown option. Candidates can select their desired date and time from the list to schedule their event. Group Event Drop-In options are usually for a large audience that runs either part of the day or most of the day, such as an experience day or open house.


Select the type “Group Event Drop-In” from the Admission Portal tab on the Application Checklist record. To specify the date range in which candidates may sign up for an event, set the min and max date.

Date and times in which events are available to select from the dropdown menu are determined by previously configured group events. Similar to wide group event drop-ins, the most important configuration piece is making sure each group event option that will be available for sign up in the dropdown menu share the same event type. See the configuration section for Wide Group Event Drop-In for an example.