Admissions Visits

When a prospective student or parent comes to the school for a visit, a number of logistics must be considered. Learn how Veracross does this, here!


Admission Interests Trigger Interviewer Email
Veracross can automatically invite staff or faculty to upcoming admissions interviews if the prospect has interests that match theirs. Schools may want to use this feature to enable current staff members to be more engaged in the admissions process, or to let coaches know when students interested in their sport will be on campus.
Admission Visit Configuration & Overview
Use Visit Tracking in Veracross to track visit dates, times, participants (such as interviewers and tour guides), and other details. The Admissions Calendar can be set up to track open visit slots, upcoming visits, and even visits that were cancelled.
Admissions Visit (Light) Record
For a school that processes a small number of Admissions Visits or tracks visits in a third party system and only wants to track the visit date in Veracross for reporting purposes, Admissions Visits (light) may be the right solution.
Interview Management in Admissions Visits
Admission Interviews are the formal time in which members from the Admissions Office meet with an applicant and/or applicant’s family and interview them to determine the fit for the school.
Scheduling an Admissions Visit
Veracross supports tracking visits in a number of different ways depending on a school’s needs. For a school that manages a large number of visits each week including interviews and tours, Veracross offers a comprehensive visit tracking system.
Configuring Admissions Event Sign-Ups
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Admissions event sign up may be accomplished through the Admission Portal using a variety of event specific admission checklist items. Event sign up configuration is e...
Should I use series master and series occurrence events to create admission visits in batch?
We do not recommend using series master events to batch create admission visits. One reason is that any changes made to the series master event automatically propagate down to the occurrence regardless of any one-off changes made to those indivi...