Admissions Visit (Light) Record

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For a school that processes a small number of Admissions Visits or tracks visits in a third party system and only wants to track the visit date in Veracross for reporting purposes, Admissions Visits (light) may be the right solution.

Adding a Visit

All visit management for Admissions Visits (light) is done on the Prospect/Applicant detail screen. To schedule a visit, enter the visit date into the Visit Date field on the General tab. In tracking that date, it makes querying Visit date (or the absence of a date) possible in any of the Admissions ‘Find’ queries.

To track additional data, such as visit times, interview times, visit attendance, automated notifications and more, see the article on Admissions Visits and Configuration.

Tracking Interview Notes

A school can also assign an interview date, interviewer, and track interview notes. Those fields can be updated from the ‘general’ tab of an Admissions Detail record. There are two ways to get to the admission detail:

  • Navigate to the Admission History tab of the Admission Candidate detail screen and click “View Detail” for the desired Admission History record.
  • Click on the Admission Detail field on the General tab of  the Admission Candidate detail screen.